A December wedding - Lillibrook Manor

Winter weddings have quite a different look to other weddings in the year. Light levels are low, so it's more of a challenge for us to shoot in natural light and we only use flash as a last resort. Images that have been taken with flash won't look like the day as we remember it, as it's 'false light'. In addition, flash draws attention to ourselves - people turn to look when a flash goes off, especially with our pro heads. Not really ideal when we're looking to be unobtrusive. Shooting in low light brings other problems. For reasons far too dull to go into here the resulting images are much more difficult to adjust for exposure errors, so it's very important to hit the exposure bullseye. In a hotel room with multiple light sources it's a challenge, but if it was easy it wouldn't be as rewarding.

Lucy loved the images of her wedding and thought I might like to hear what her friend wrote upon seeing them:

Wow Wow Wow! I'm so emotional, they are wonderful photos!

Thanks Lucy!