Chandos House Wedding Photography

Emily and Sam were drawn to Chandos House by the great location and the wonderful neoclassical vibe. Such a great venue. I think we've been there 3 or 4 times now!


A Witley Wedding

Smashing day. The practice of attaching tin cans to the back of the wedding car has been largely discontinued, so it was great to see Esther and David's car suitably adorned. Something else that was a surprise was our bride taking to the mic to sing herself! 


Natasha and Neil in Hampshire

Wonderful weather and a great day wth Natasha and Neil. Top French hair stylist Guy Kremer did the flowers in the bridesmaid's hair!

Lincolns Inn Chapel and The Naval and Military Club

A central London wedding at it's finest with Naomi and Neil. Plenty of uniforms on display, and of course, that sword guard of honour affair when leaving the chapel.

Just fabulous! Thank you so much, the photos look wonderful. Once again, thank you so much for all your efforts!


Life on the Ocean Wave

Sarah and Dan live on a boat. The boat lives on an island in the Thames. The wedding was on the island. What a great way to celebrate their Big Day!