Dulwich Christ's Chapel and Grove House, Roehampton

We return to Christ's Chapel in Dulwich, and as it's only 800 metres from where I live it's always a privilege to have such a short commute to work! The light is always good, and it's so great to have the gallery above that Lucy can use for an additional vantage spot. I hasn't photographed a wedding reception at Grove House in Roehampton before but it's a great venue with lots of space. I'm very fond of the picture with the Vicar signing the registar and Helen and Ollie in the background - it's nice when a plan comes together like that.

I received an email from Helen who was still on her honeymoon when I mailed her the images. I always aim for a couple to be able to see the images whilst still on honeymoon and 9 times out of 10 we can make it work.

Hi David,

Thank you so much! We are still away and these have really made our day - we LOVE them!We are so pleased you enjoyed the day. We had an amazing time and these photos really help capture that!

Thank you again