Kew Steam Museum and Coltsford Mill

Plenty of variety in June at some fantastic locations. Beckie and Charlie had their reception at the Kew steam museum....

Complete with steam train!

I received a smashing email from Becky:

Hi David

Wow! The pictures are stunning.

Many thanks to you and Lucy for doing such an excellent job, you have exactly captured the mood of the day – which is a good thing because it was such a haze to us both that you’ve helped fill in some of the gaps!

Very best wishes, Becky

A few years ago I was asked to shoot a wedding in Gloucestershire by Karen and Simon. I forget how they found me, but they did, and a grand day was had by all. Long story short, Karen told Hannah about me and I shot her wedding too. Hannah's hairdresser liked my salon shots so I worked with Martin at Josh Hair in Cirencester to make some strong images for the National L'Oreal Hair champs. Hannah also told Gemma about me and I went back to Gloucestershire to shoot her wedding, an image from which is on the home page of my site. And this June Hannah's sister Katie got married to Patrick in Cirencester and....yes, I shot their wedding. Despite living 130 miles away it seems I've become the local Cirencester photographer

Here's Katie, in dramatic light, outside the church.

Lucy swears that this wasn't a lucky shot and she noticed the cool height composition. I for one believe her :)

Some more shots from June:

This last image is of Emma who got married at a picturesque old mill in Kent, Colsford Mill. I got back from a week's holiday to find a very effusive note in my inbox:

Hi David,

AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are we ever going to choose the ones we want for the album!!!

Thanks Emma! (!!!!!)