A Great Chinese London Wedding, Chinatown

Kamen told me that she had invited 300 people to her wedding reception in Chinatown. Wow, I said, are you sure the restaurant can hold that many? Yes, she said, it's my restaurant :) What an amazing day! We started off with the tasks that all Chinese grooms have to perform before they get to meet their bride, as poor Chi had to jump though all manner of hoops... My personal favourite was a bra made out of sweets that the ushers had to eat... whilst Chi was wearing it.

Then onto The Deck on the Southbank for the ceremony, before finally the restaurant on Gerrard Street.

A long day, 15 hours for us, but everything still happening when we left!

WOW FANTASTIC photos David!! We love it!! It’s definitely what we were after and really appreciate your excellent work!!! Please pass our thanks to Sarah too!! We are very happy!! =D