Dulwich College Wedding Photography

My favourite wedding venue? Possibly, but it's certainly the one closest to home! The fabulous Beauberry House runs it close, but the winter light was on Dulwich College's side as it streamed in through those massive windows. Leon's mother was a wedding photographer herself so we needed to impress and we couldn't have asked for better guests and weather.

We received a great review from Leon and Nicola on Freeindex:

We entrusted David with the responsibility to photograph our wedding day.

His style of wedding photography is simply beautiful. He tells a story from start to finish, capturing every special moment from a unique perspective.

He was with us from start to finish and we can honestly say that the only times that we knew he was there was when he said 'hello' and 'goodbye'. David has the brilliant ability to take the most intimate of photographs without intruding on your day.

Thank you!