All hands on deck

Well, I started this year with such good intentions, but as summer has rolled on my blog updates have wilted in the (occasional) heat. I'd like to apologise to regular readers but I can say that I should be able to post more now the peak wedding season is nearly over and we're approaching Autumn. Weddings themselves are much less seasonal now than they used to be and I'm quite glad of that. The thought of being a photographer in the 1970's and 80's when May to September would be solid bookings fills me with dread. I remember going to several in the 90's when the photographer would shoot more than one wedding on a Saturday, and sometimes on a Friday too! People are also going for longer bookings now - the last three that we've covered were 12 hours, and again I'm pleased because as a reportage photographer I like a reasonable period of time to tell the story.

One aspect that I do sometimes find arresting is the increase in bookings far into the future. A few weeks ago I took a booking for 2012, and while it was extremely flattering that someone is so passionate about one's work that they want to eliminate to possibility of being usurped, it is quite a sobering thought that while London is hosting the next Olympics I know precisely where I'll be and what I'll be doing......!