Chobham Church


I think I've got a thing about veils....

I guess it's something to do with the mystique that they were orignally designed for, but they seem to be particularly photogenic and I like to photograph them in an abstract fashion. They can be a little frustrating to shoot when things are moving quickly as the camera's focusing system finds itself in a quandry: does he want me to focus on this white thing or the girl underneath?

Anna had a serious veil, which took on a life of it's own on a breezy day.

Anna and James had a big marquee and one of my favourite catering company Cottage Caterers supplying the food. I also have a new number one canape - roast beef and a strawberry on a stick. Believe me, it works.

As an aside, I'm very flattered to receive complimentary thank-you cards and letters from the couples that I photograph, and some of them can be found on this blog. But nothing prepared me for the letter that I received from Anna. I'd like to include it here, but it's actually so overwhelming that I can't bring myself to!

Anna, thank you very much for such kind words. Lucy and I loved your big day and best of luck with your new career. And thanks for all those roast beef and strawberries too...