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The Three Key Elements To Timeless Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage photography for weddings has become one of the more sought-after styles by couples. It’s a trend that features recognisable elements that evoke certain eras. The style is meant to convey the romance and the eternal aspects of a marriage. However, in the wrong hands and with the wrong perspective, vintage photography can turn wedding photos into dated, dull, and derivative images years later when the wedding album is taken off a dusty shelf. Well, that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to your own wedding photos, should it? Here are three key elements you’ll want to include in your wedding pictures when using vintage photography.

Use the documentary style of photojournalism with the contrast and tones of vintage wedding photography. Most vintage wedding photographers might stage shots of antique valises, old world canisters, and other knick-knacks that reflect the period a wedding wants to capture, whether it’s the roaring ‘20s or the rocking ‘50s. Incorporating vintage items into the photos is fine, but to overuse these would be to lose the magic and meaning of the couple’s story. Instead of staging your photos, allow your photographer to capture you and your guests unobtrusively. This will create a far more genuine and truthful story.

Be selective about using retro touches. Including vintage elements in every photo and doing every shot with a retro treatment can turn your wedding album gimmicky. When you’ve chosen a wedding photographer who specialises in vintage photography, let them know that you are open to using vintage treatment only in certain shots. If you’ve hired a carriage or a vintage car to take you to church, your photographer could use retro treatments in those shots. The same goes for detail shots like the ring or the old world décor at the reception. You can ask your wedding photographer to provide you with a disc of the un-retrofied photos so that you have the option to later add the original shots to your album.

Go with an era or a period that has special meaning to you as a couple. Essentially, vintage photography for weddings look best when there is an actual theme to capture. If you’re willing to go all out with the vintage style, then do a period that is truly significant to your story as a couple. If you were born in the same era, you can use that for your wedding. If you both have an interest in the Victorian period, then do that era.

Every wedding album should reflect the story of the couple — no matter what photography style. When you’ve chosen vintage photography to capture one of the most important days of your lives, curb the gimmicks of the trend and, instead, focus on the true sentiments it evokes

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