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How A Dulwich Wedding Photographer Captures One Of The Best Days of Your Life

Everyone loves looking at photos, especially when it’s a wickedly good batch of wedding pictures. It’s not always about the drama and beauty of the wedding dress. It’s not just about the inherent festivity and joy of the event. And it isn’t entirely about the heartwarming romance between you and your beloved. People enjoy looking at wedding photos because, for the most part, they are well photographed. No one can resist the hypnotic appeal of a dreamily shot long train as it glides across the aisle or a black and white image of your momentous kiss. Here are just some of the styles that create those beautifully memorable wedding photos.

Reportage photography, also known as wedding photojournalism, is one of the more ideal styles chosen by many couples. This type of photography takes on a documentary approach with the photographer inconspicuously capturing your wedding party, your guests, and you, the couple. The unobtrusive style creates some of the more stunning images you’ll find in wedding albums. From the ceremony to the reception, the Dulwich wedding photographer who specialises in reportage photography rarely misses a single moment and turns every seemingly mundane scene into a completely extraordinary picture.

Another emerging style in wedding photography is using digital effects. Some of the more trendy couples like that hyperreal look on their photos, when every image is enhanced using advanced software. Another, albeit more traditional, way to incorporate digital treatments into your wedding photos would be to consider vintage photography. This style is a bit more romantic and may require specific antique items in the photos to create a retro look. The tone and contrast of the pictures will also be adjusted or manipulated to produce that distinctly vintage feel.

Magazine or fashion photography is also becoming an ideal style for wedding photos. This type of photography might focus on high concept images and exceedingly stylish shots that are art directed. The photos are glamorous and can be likened to images you might see on fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, or V.

Another option to consider for your wedding album is the pre-wedding photos. It’s been a popular trend now with young couples. Some photographers even include the pre-wedding session in their fee as opposed to charging separately for it. Pre-wedding photos may also be used as part of your save-the-date invitations or be showcased during your reception.

Wedding photos are exquisite snapshots that celebrate your love for one another. With today’s trends in wedding photography, you’ll have even better choices for styles that will reflect the beauty, the drama, the joy, and the love of that one blessed day.

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