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The Veil, The Kiss, The Dance: How Reportage Wedding Photography Captures Your Big Event

Every wedding is different. A lot of it has to do, of course, with the personalities and preferences of the couple. And wedding photographers, the ideal ones anyhow, should be able to capture those distinctions. One of the more popular wedding photography styles that guarantee such imagery is photojournalism. It’s a style that “ties the knot” between creativity and tradition. Here’s a quick look at how this particular wedding photography style creates creative and stunning images out traditional scenes from your big event, from that very first kiss to the first official dance as mister and missus.

Wedding photojournalism (or reportage photography) uses both black and white and coloured images to tell your distinct story. If for some reason you’ve had misconceptions about wedding photojournalism being done in just black-and-white, know that you can actually choose to do both coloured and b&w for your album. Some couples like to do the ceremony in b&w and the reception in colour, while others simply leave it up to the creative wedding photographer what to shoot the scenes in.

Reportage wedding photography is highly ideal for a majority of couples because the shots taken are unobtrusive, which creates remarkably stunning images of spontaneous moments. The approach takes on a documentary style because your wedding photographer allows you, your family, and your guests to go on about your business as if he or she weren’t around. From the ceremony to the reception, every single moment that seems so ordinary to you will come out extraordinary in the hands and vision of a wedding photographer specialising in natural reportage photography.

The reportage photography expert has the ability to determine the best time and best angle to shoot as you walk down the aisle. The reportage photography expert will have the quickness and presence of mind to shoot the flower girl if she suddenly starts to cry in the middle of your ceremony. He or she will have the right instinct to shoot scenes as they unfold outside the church or the ceremony hall. Even the seemingly mundane scenes—your family sitting in church, you and your spouse in the car heading to the reception, or the guests listening to a toast—take on a powerful meaning when shot at different angles and captured at just the right moment.

Wedding photojournalism also focuses on the details during the ceremony and the reception. From a shadow cast against a wall as you and your beloved kiss to a majestic shot of birds flying across the sky as the sun sets on your wedding, the expert reportage wedding photographer leaves no scene unnoticed and lends remarkable significance to every detail of your big event.

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