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Something Borrowed, Something New — The Dos and Don’ts of Pre Wedding Photography

It’s an ideal way for your wedding photographer to get to know you and an equally ideal way for you to get to know your photographer — the pre-wedding shoot. The pre-wedding shoot is when you and your spouse-to-be spend the day with your photographer as you get photographed doing any number of things together like walking together through the park holding hands or sharing a quiet moment at sunset on the beach. Essentially, the idea is to get you and your beloved in very romantic scenes — without the photos coming off forced or, worse, cheesy. Here now are some dos and don’ts to guarantee that your pre-wedding photos look natural and romantic.

Do choose a location that is significant to your relationship as a couple. It could be the place where the proposal took place or a secret hill where you frequently go to for picnics. The more memorable that place is, the more comfortable you’ll get being photographed.

Don’t schedule your pre wedding photography shoot without talking about how you want your photographer to portray you or what particular emotions you expect to come off from the photos. It’s important to determine expectations so that you don’t end up spending too much time on the day of the pre-wedding shoot figuring out shots. Telling your photographer about what you want also eliminates doing any poses that aren’t natural for you.

Do consider artistic concepts proposed by your photographer. Some couples do vintage pre-wedding shoots where they are dressed up in era-specific clothes with antique props. Other couples even do high concept shoots similar to images you’ll see in art magazines. Some couples really commit to the pre-wedding photos by allowing the photographer to recreate how they met in a series of storyboard-like photos.

Do use your pre-wedding photos well. Use them for your save-the-date requests. Use them for your wedding invitations. Use them for your thank-you cards. Use them at your reception as slides running in a loop.

Don’t wear clothes you will not feel comfortable wearing. Whether it’s a creative costume or a different type of outfit you aren’t used to, clothes that do not suit your personality will come off in your photos. You’ll look uneasy and pose unnaturally, which are two elements that create bad photos.

Do choose a wedding photographer who can offer the pre-wedding shoot as part of the wedding package. You’ll save money and still have all the benefits that this added photography service provides.

It may take just half a day out of your life, this pre-wedding shoot. But it still pays to prepare well. Doing so will guarantee that the photos before your big day are equally romantic. And that each one captures your real story as a couple.

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